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Best Papers

Best Paper Gold

  1. Authors: Daun Jung, Jiho Shin, Chaechang Lee, Kookheui Kwon, and Jung Taek Seo
    Title: A Study on the Application of Technical Assessment Methodology (TAM) for Cyber Security in Nuclear Power Plant

Best Paper Silver

  1. Authors: Han-Seop Lim, Tae-Ho Lee, Seonghyeck Lim, Jaeseung Han, Bo-Yeon Sim and Dong-Guk Han
    Title: Fault Injection Method for AES implemented in hardware without artificial triggering
  2. Authors: Min-Yan Tsai, Chi-Yuan Chen, Hsin-Hung Cho and Whai-En Chen
    Title: Weights Fine Tuning of Convolutional Neural Network based on Simulated Annealing Algorithm

Best Paper Bronze

  1. Authors: Hyun-Cheol Park and Sang-Woong Lee
    Title: Reunion block for high magnification histopathology microscopic image analysis
  2. Authors: Wu-Chih Hu, Hsin-Te Wu, Jun-We Zhan and Ping-Hsin Hsieh
    Title: Developing Intelligent Feeding Systems based on Deep Learning
  3. Authors: Wesley Huang, Zhi-Yuan Su, Chia-Sui Wang, Yih-Feng Chang, Mark Yeh and Jyh-Horng Chou
    Title: Graphite Classification of Gray Cast Iron in Metallographic via a Deep Learning Approach

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