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Best Papers

Best Paper Gold

  1. Authors: Xiao-Min Zhu, Wen-Qian Du, Guang-Gang Geng, Bing Xue
    Title: Research on Pork Price Prediction Based on Multi-dimensional Feature Analysis and Machine Learning

Best Paper Silver

  1. Authors: Meng-Ting Wu, Hung-I Lin, Chun-Wei Tsai
    Title: A Training-free Genetic Neural Architecture Search
  2. Authors: Kijung Bong, Jonghyun Kim
    Title: Security Use-cases for Countering Threats of CLA and UAV in 6G

Best Paper Bronze

  1. Authors: Yan-Ming Huang, Dong-Jie Liu, Zhi-Wei Yan, Yan-Ming Zhang, Guang-Gang Geng
    Title: An Abused Webpage Detection Method Based on Screenshots Text Recognition
  2. Authors: Mao-Li Wang, Kun-Lun Yang, Yi-Ning Zhao, Ya-Lin Wang, Ji-Nan Guo, Xu Ma
    Title: Multi-Server Offloading Based on Game Theory in Cloud-Edge Collaborative Computing
  3. Authors: Run-Hu Wang, Zhuo-Hao Wang, Dong Wang, Ying Liu
    Title: In-band network telemetry based Fine-grained traceability against IP address spoofing attack

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